The Silly Season and who the Hell is Martinez?

Its the silly season and somehow I am wondering about Mr. Henry. He appears to have more savvy than most Americans, but that does not take much now does it?  Few people would have had the balls to fire Kenny Dalglish and he did. Quite simply, Dalglish screwed up, despite his status, and getting rid of him was a good move.

Martinez being fancy

But who the hell is Martinez? Was he THAT good with Wigan? Perhaps he was. And what about Benitez? Perhaps he’s off to Chelsea. Fergie will most likely die at his post and as for the rest of them, who cares? IN the mean time we can watch tennis and cricket with England playing the Indies, but who the hell is Martinez? He dresses all fancy and really seems to enjoy the limelight with his fancy moves on the sidelines, but is that for the fans or for the players? The only consolation is that the Liverpool supporters will sort him out one way or another and that rather quickly. Hodgeson springs to mind with his appaling reign of incompetence. Well suited for England where the manager makes no difference at all. BUt who the hell is Martinez? Especially when Rafa is without a job, but as I said, maybe he’s off to Chelsea to piss off their fans. Would’nt put it past the Russkie. What the hell, the stadium issue is vastly more important right now, even Mr. Enery understands that. He’s a sly bastard Mr.Henry is and knows all about the big bucks, and I have immense faith in him. For now.

©Howard Gamble
25th May 2012

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