Poor, rich Michael Owen

Poor Rich Michael Owen.
If his aim was to make huge amounts of loot he has succeeded. If his aim was fame and glory he has made a miserable mess of it and it all started when he left Liverpool. FRom being one of the most loved players he went into anonymity abroad, returned to flee Newcastle when they were relegated, and then allowed himself to be picked up like a whore by Manchester United on a pay as you play basis, Liverpools greatest rivals.

MIcheal Owen in the uniform of the enemy

Now he has been used and tossed out. Fergie must have just loved that one. Dear Michael must be looking back and asking just what the fuck went wrong. Or perhaps he is just one of those who after the loot and as much as it as possible. Compare him to Gerrard, to Scholes, to Giggs, to Drogba, and especially Carragher, loyal men all with long service to clubs they would never leave. THEY have both the loot AND the GLORY. Owen will simply end up on the scrap-heap of has beens. Let him join Beckham in America, or play In Japan. LOts of loot in both those places.
Lets see where he ends up. The lad still has a couple of years in him.

©Howard Gamble
23rd May 2012

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