An Ice Cold Arab Descent into Hell

WEll the UN report on Syria has hit the news.
Basically, the Syrian Army is responsible for crimes against humanity as though we had not figured that out for ourselves. It has killed innocents, tortured captives and summarliy executed them. The opposition, when they got the chance did exactly the same – Old BIblical Stuff.And eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and we have not even mentioned eyes, genitals etc., etc., So where to begin? The same thing happensed in LIbya, in Chechyna, the Congo, Iraq, Afhanistan, Libya, you name it.
THose files must be piling up to the ceilings of the Court in the Hague.
There appear to be no innocents except the children who were murdered in the shelling, and when they got big enough to hold a gun they got stuck in just like everyone else. Arab Spring? My arse. A further Arab descent into hell.

©Howard Gamble
24th May 2012

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