Manchester City vs Manchester United in the Game of Games

A tremendous amount of print and general media has flooded the world in a dvance of a what is really just another football game, where very rich, very talented semi-literate goons try to kick a ball into the opposing teams net. Way down the historical road it will gather dust and be forgotten except by those who do nothing but engage their attention to these matters. The Derby of the century my arse. It is not decisive. After this game the title can still go either way. Last time the teams met City beat United 6-1. That needs immediate revenge far more than anything else. Even the wayward Balotelli may well be thrown into the fray. As Manchester United is Liverpools traditional foe and it will take many years to change those emotions amongst the fans, we are all rooting for City, even though they too are on that hate list. The REAL game this season is the FA Cup Final where Liverpool play Chelsea, who by that time will have run out of steam.

In the meantime the world is falling apart with war in just about nevery nook mand cranny, but to get an Englishman away from his pint and his game needs someone like Hitler to come alomg again.


Howard Gamble

30th April


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