An Insult to one’s intelligence.

Does it not feel like an insult to your intelligence when a top (?) reporter working for a prestigious news agency, when tackling the problem of Syria poses the following questions: Can the UN mission suceed? What’s behind the violence? Now he can only but imagine that he is talking to his massively uninformed 12 year old daughter at the breakfast table as she tackles her cheerios through all those braces.

Baghdad? Kabul? Islamabad? NO, Syria!

Of course the UN mission will not suceed no matter how much Kofi Annan loves his return to the limelight and the reason behind the violence is because a murdering dictator bastard is indiscriminately murdering unarmed citizens who want change. Except that those unarmed civilians are now turning into armed groups being supplied with high explosives and are attacking Syrian security centers. The process has gone from peaceful demonstrations to civil war because of a tyrant who refuses, no matter what, to relinquish privilege and power. Idi Amin and Caesescu immediately spring to mind, along with Mugabe.
The UN mission, if there still is one, will only end when someone decides to take out Assad and his closest cronies.That murderer is NEVER going to step down, not even when his sushi and caviar are cut off and his wife refuses to screw him no more. That’s just about the way it is and the rest I fear is bullshit.
Howard Gamble
30th April 2012

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