Genocidal warfaring before the advent of the NUKE

When we are talking about destruction, whether it be in Libya or Syria or elsewhere it is often quite staggering when one gets down to the nitty gritty. The exact details. Perhaps warfare persists because to the general man on the street it is all so very general and vague. Exactly what happens often escapes them entirely. AS such I came across a few details in my reading of Nuremberg Trial transcripts last night, and they still haunt me. They show the results of genocidal warfare: And in an age before nuclear proliferation.

The following is taken from a trial transcript from the Nuremberg Trials, of the 8th February 1946: Roman Rudenkos opening sppech on the Wae Crimes in the East:

“……The German Fascist invaderscompletely or partially destroyed or burned 1,710 cities and more than 70.000 villages and hamlets. They burnet or destroyed obver 6 million buildings and rendered some 25 millio people homeless.’The Germans destroyed 65.000┬ákilometers of railway tracks, 4100 railway stations, 36.000 post and telegraph offices, telephone exchanges and other installations for communication. The Germans destroyed 40.000 hospitals and other medical institutions, 84.000 schools, technical colleges, universities, institutes for scientific research, and 43.000 public libraries.

“The Hitlerites destroyed and looted 98.000 colective farms, and 2.800 tractor stations. They slaughtered, seized or drove into Germany 7 million horses, 17 million head of horned cattle, 20 million pigs, 27 million sheep and goats and 11o million head of poultry.”

And to all this we can add the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews, the Gypsies, the Polish Intelligentsia and all those others.

Howard Gamble

29th April 2012

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