Might is Right as Charles Taylor is experiencing

Charles Taylor, after amarathon trial lasting five years has been convicted.He is the first Head of State to be thus convicted and the convictions sends a message to leaders of thr world.
Most surprising and yet predictable was the American statement issued after his conviction:

“The US State Department said the ruling sent “a strong message to all perpetrators of atrocities, including those in the highest positions of power, that they will be held accountable“.

Of all the countries on this planet who are responsible for massive crimes against humanity, the USA and Britain stand out as chief offenders, so perhaps that statement was tongue in cheek. Neither of those countries would ever allow one of the their former leaders to stand repsonsible for the atrocities they commited in the name of war.

It is much easier to convict a black man with no real power base, and focus on Rwanda and the Sudan and Zimbabwe and Timbuktoo when exercising self-rightiousness. Lyndon B.Johnson, Henry Kissinger, George.W.Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their ilk can sit back and bask in the glory of their untouchable power while the small-fry, terrible as their deeds were, are convicted.

Howard Gamble
27th April 2012

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