And now we Have CISPA to join the Patriot Act

O dear me, it seems as though the Patriot Act is not enough to keep the American people free as long as they keep their mouth shut and their e-mails innocuous, because Congress has justy passed a cyber-security bill called CISPA -Cyber INtelligence and Sharing Act. The astonishing thing about it besided the fact that I thought it was already covered by the Patriot act, is that Barack Obama has vowed to veto the bill, which again just goes to show what happens to a President in an election year. The idea being that first veto the bill to get the votes of the guys and gals who think it yet another infringement on the few freedoms they still have, get elected and then sign the bloddy thing anyway. I mean it was Obamas tactic last time round, and what with the short attention span of the Americans it is sure to work once again. I still want to see those photos of American abuse of prisoners that he said he would show the world once he was elected, but now I would love to know all the lurid details of what his testosterone hyped secret service is up to when they roam the world to protect him.
©Howard Gamble
27th April 2012

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