A Statue of Margaret Thatcher in Solid Gold

I just love the way everyone is predicting at the moment. Well I sent my delegation to Delphi to consult with the Oracle, and the answer that came back was pretty damn clear. They have dropped all that veiled verse crap to cover their arses and tell it like it is.
And here we go. Chelsea will lose the finals against Bayern and they will also lose the FA cup against LIverpool. After these two losses Di Mateo will have suffered his hubris and not be the next permanent Chelsea manager. Just to show that he makes up hos own mind about everything, Abramovitcvh will hire Benitez as his next manager. So there you have it. Straight form the oracles mouth and straighter than that It does not come. I also asked when Iran was going to get whacked but not a sound emerged from the pythian depths. They are only doing sport this week.

The British Delegation's statue of Maggie on its way to Delphi

War will have to wait until after the Olympics because the British delgation got there in advance and promised a statue of Margaret Thatcher in solid gold if they just shut up about war for the duration of the Olympics. In addition, my question about the next American President was met with raucous laughter. Delphi just aint what it used to be.
©Howard Gamble
26th April 2012

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