Breivik. Sane or Insane?

Breivik is now in the position where he is to prove that he is sane. That is not all that difficult when one puts his actions into a historical perspective. If he is declared insane it will mean that serious historical revision is required. All the members of the einsattsgruppen, who shot 2.000.000 people in the head must have been insane. Everyone running the extermination and concentration camps must have been insane, the killings in Rwanda must have been perpetrated by insane people. The entire Taliban, all the Iraqui groups from Al Quaida must be thrown on the on the same pile as well. Because all of them operate(d) from an ideological viewpoint, just like Breivik. Then what have we to say about the Soviet army and the rape of German women on their march towards Berlin? Or bomber Harris, targeting German civilian cities? How about the Manhatten project and Oppenheimer and his cohorts? Hiroshima? Nagasaki? What about the five million  murders in the Congo, and the Lords Resistance Army?
Its far too easy to judge Breivik as insane, no matter how the self-rightious Norwegians would love to do. He has answered rationally and politely to all questions put to him in court and decribed his actions as hundreds of SS men did theirs when on trial, coldly and calmly. He has in fact shone with sanity. His ideology is a farce, but then again so was the Ideology behind the American invasion of Iran not to mention Vietnam. Is George W.Bush insane? Cheney? Me?
If so, then one may as well dismantle the Court in the Hague and consider all crimes against humanity and they who perpetrate them as  as insane.

the work of Sane MInds?

The Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Americans have all tested missiles that can destroy half the earth, no, all of it. Are they out of their fucking minds? In other words insane?

Let Breivik go to prison for the rest of his miserable life to face himself and what he has done alone and isolated. Putting him in a psychiatric ward and doping him into servility will serve neither him nor justice, nor History.
©Howard Gamble
25th April 2012

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