The Trouble with Neutrinos

The trouble with neutrinos is deciding how fast they move. Or so we are told. NO one really knows or has seen a neutrino, only measured its comings and goings but it is generally held by those with large brains that Neutrinos invariably travel at the speed of light. So there. Mix that in your porridge and eat it.
But then some months ago the Lab in Cern, absolutely bulging with those with huge brains ran an experiment that showed that neutrinos travelled faster than light.In other words, they arrived before they started. The head of the experiment Prof Eridato has now resigned, despite him being very cautious when the result became known and demanding verification or otherwise. It was otherwise. WE are told that they they travel at the speed of light after all.
Sandron Centro, co-spokeman for the project has now stated that we can be 100% certain that Neutrinos travel at the speed of light, and here was poor me thinking that nothing can be absolutely certain except death. What a relief.

©Howard Gamble
30th March 2012

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