When in Japan, avoid getting sentenced to Death

For the first time the Japanese have shown their hanging chamber. Now if one wants to discuss prevention of crime, the Japanese have it down to perfection. Any capital crime is in court for years while the culprit is kept in a shoe box – sized cell in total isolation. Then when he or she is convicted to hang, they know not where, know not when. Still in the tiny cell under a draconian regime. They simply do not screw around. So when the guards come around with the death row gruel in the mornings, every morning, the convicted don’t know if this is the big day. It’s completely random. Some have been on death row for 25 years. Some are executed almost immediately.
Normally in batches of three. The relatives are informed after the event.

The Tokyo hanging Spot

So what we are basically looking at here is a mind set that considers the convicted as being already dead, so it does not really matter when he or she actually dies. Just how Japanese soldiers during the war considered themselves dead once they were sent into battle. And the basic ethic ruling the nation does not allow for pussy footing. Just ask any prisoner of war who was captured by the Japanese. They were treated like shit to teach them the great lesson – being captured alive was the worst possible thing a soldier could do.
So before Human Rights groups start howling and screaming, let them ponder the soul of the Japanese and remember that over 80% of the population are right behind the death penalty and how it is managed. And recall that not ONE case of looting was reported after the earthquake.
©Howard Gamble
28th March 2012

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