It’s enough to make you Puke

If one looks back on the second world war, or what the Russians called the great Patriotic War one gets a glimpse into character. The brutality with which Russians treated their troops was beyond Western imagination. Battallions of men were marched over minefields to clear them, they were sent into suicidal situations, 13.50000 Russians were executed by their own and hundreds of thousands deserted to join the Germans, the so-called Hiwis. Now with this back ground one can well see how Putin sees 8000 murdered Syrian civilians as nothing at all. When we look back on Modern Chinese communist history we find that Mao killed about 60.000.000 chinese to create his utopian state. Now these two nations are pulling the strings concerning Syria. Claiming, and partially rightly so that America with its wars of aggression in South Asia really has nothing to say in the matter. So Assad continues to murder, the latest reports, unverified but most likely true, that children are being tortured and shot. In front of their parents. An old Nazi ploy. And then along comes Kofi Annan, a washed out politician and proposes a plan with no deadlines and where Assad goes free. Not only that, but retains his powers. Enough to make any decent human being puke, don’t you think?

©Howard Gamble 28th March 2012

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