Obama’s healthbill debated in the Supreme Court. The touchstone of his Presidency

To cut a long story short the US Supreme Court is this very moment deciding on whether Obamas Health Care Bill is constitutional or not.
The crux of the matter is typically American – Simple. Does Obama’s bill, which forces those who do not buy healthcare to pay a fine infringe upon their freedom, and let us bear in mind that we are talking about 50 million people, or not? That is the crux of the issue. To that level Obama’s bill has been reduced, rendering it useless and himself redundent. His opponents are quite right. Obama is a socialist at heart, but they are incapable of distinguishing between socialism and communism, let alone trying to spell the words.
If the Supreme Court declares the bill unconstitutional, it will be the dirge for the Obama administration, because his entire Presidency rests mainly upon it. Killing Osama Bin Laden goes a long way as well, but only in the movies, not in American politics. Any adminsitration can do that. But to introduce an epic reform that will elevate America to the club of honourable nations is the touchstone of his thinking, upon which he may well rise or fall.
©Howard Gamble
27th March 2012

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