Liverpool FC has restored her Honour, next step is the Glory.

For those of you Liverpool diehards who are in deep dismay after the humiliating defeat at the hands of Wigan and QPR, and who see a Champions League place next year a well-nigh impossibility, allow me to refer you to a book called “An Epic Swindle” which denotes the indredible swindle and mismanagement that Liverpool suffered at the hands of the former two American cowboys and their spoilt siblings. They brought Liverpool to the edge of that heavy road that Leeds United had to follow and it was by a hairs breadth that we escaped the same fate.
So to be in 7th position, having won the carling Cup and in the semi-finals of the FA Cup,¬†with an honourable new ownership, no debt and a canny manager so soon after is a miracle in itself. We ought to now allow the team to mature and gain in strength and step by step grow mighty again. It is not done in a season. Let us by all means allow ourselves to be inspired by United’s approach to management and NOT Chelsea’s. Our honour is restored. Next step is the Glory.
©Howard Gamble
27th March 2012

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