Kofi Annan bowing and scraping to the Chinese and the Russians

So Kofi Annan went and had a chat with the Chinese Premiere, who had had a chat with the Russian Premiere and then he went and had a chat with the murdering Dictator Assad. Lo and behold. His peace plan has been accepted!
The problem of course being that their is no deadline (heard that one before?) and even better still, no call for Assad to stand down!
Well, well, well. If this really does go down it will be a sickening example of modern politics far worse than Chamberlains *Peace in pour time* It will give every dictator on the planet carte blanche to murder their unruly citizens at will knowing full well that they will not have to face the charges. In other words, Kofi Annans initiative is one large crock of shit, and the opposition have recognized it as such. Let’s hope the UN does as well.

©Howard Gamble
27th March 2012

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