Norwegian Stuff. Ho F&%¤#ng Hum

The reason I almost never write about Norwegian Society is because it is all so bloody perfect and boring. Richest nation on eareth, best place on earth for kids to grow up and so on and so on.The politcal scene is so dull that one wonders if it is actually dead and just runs on routine.But a friend sent me an article where  the new hot shot in the Socialist Left party, Audun Lysbakken, has been making statements. About non-alignment, self-sufficiency etc. Except that he does not really know that that is what he is talking about. He talks as though he is a teacher in elementary school about everyone being nice to each other and creating their own little perfect world. As though that is not what Norwegians basically think about the country (except for the immigrant Pakistanis of course).

Auden Lysbakken, the new leader of the Socialist Left who has not really read up on his Mao and Stalin

If one translated this rather stupid politican who has not even learnt the basic formulas of political science, into reality it would involve getting all like minded morons to settle in GRønland, build a really high wall around it and then start their own vegetable gardens. THis is all well and fine because people must be allowed to excalim their idiocy whenever they like, but the problem is he may well be elected to parliament. One can but hope that his little party (3,6% of the popular vote) vanished from the political landscape and that Norwegians have one less absurdity to consider. And then I shudder when I think back and realise that he may altready be a member of parliament lining up for a position in the cabinet. Perhaps Jens Stoltenberg should create a whole new cabinet position for him:
Responsible for Peace on Earth and fresh vegetables for Everyone.
©Howard Gamble
26nd March 2012

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