Kofi Annan Heads for Damaskus, Camels and Deserts

As the Syrian opposition is planning to unite to offer a single solid (?) front in the war against Assad, the Russians have stepped in and urged both the oppostion and Assad to end the fighting and “Come to an agreement”. Kofi will firs have a chat with Medvedev and then with ping pong in China. Aye, and there’s the rub. Coming to an agreement. Assad most likely wants full amnesty as part of the agreement, plus his palace, his yacht, his houses, his apartments abroad, his pile of loot in the cellar. And the opposition want his neck around a noose and a carrot up his arse with a rather long drop.

The Armed Syrian Opposition to unite under one command

And in comes Koffi, with the Russians and the Chinese becoming vociferous because what with their own massacre of innocents they have much to lose in the murky shadows of history. Otherwise we can well believe that after Assads rejection on everyone including the Arab League, Kofi Annan is just about the last figure besides Jimmy Carter (God Help Us) who can enter the fray. Me? I see a united opposition and a long civil war ahead. Reminds me of North and South Korea it does.   O, and by the way, as to that Arab Spring thing, half of Libya want to seceed from the other half and they are still fighting each other. The Egytians are also unruly not to mention the Yemeni’s. Its the old adage – you can take the camel out of the desert but you can never take the desert out of the camel.

©Howard Gamble 26nd March 2012

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