Mind Games in Football, Dear Me.

Mind games in football are just so silly that they ought to be relegated to the fourth division. Fergusen bringing 37 year old Scholes out of retirement a sign of weakness says Mancini. How dumb can you get when talking about the greatest midfielder ever besides Gerrard. He could play until he was forty and no one would know the difference. Then Ferdinand talks of blues supporters coming out of the woodwork when they experience success. Quite right, but how on earth does that effect a player in a city squad that is brimming with arrogant talent? They could not give a shit. Neither could Mancini.

Nail-biting suspence

SO eight games to go. 24 points to be won or lost and the goons start to try to use psychological warfare on each other. O dear me. What one does not have to put up with when one is an educated football fan in constant amazement how emotions rule the day when ones beloved side goes down to QPR with 13 minutes to go and two goals up. And then we are to meet Wigan, bottom of the bloody pile on Saturday, and who would have thought that with KIng Kenny in charge that nail- biting would nevertheless be the order of the day. Only seven or eight goals would remove the scepticism that is creeping into the soul.No one is even bothering to try mind games against Liverpool so I suppose that is an advantage.
©Howard Gamble
22nd March 2012

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