I think I’ll take my vacation in Norway this summer

My O my, things are getting complicated in the Middle East. The Hamas leadership has pulled out of Syria and repositioned itself in Egypt and Doha. Assad was a great buddy, supplying them with a safe haven , lots of military toys and all that, but since the crackdown they have seen the writing on the wall and declared their support for the uprising, pissing off Assad no end. That’s like your second best buddy ratting on you. Assads best buddy is still Iran, but Hamas is even citicising them for their support of Assad. Hitzbollah are also in a deep quandry, because proclaiming themselves as part of the people will at some point necessitate their declaring support for the uprising as well.
MY point being, in case you missed it, that the government that eventually comes to power in Syria will be just as hostile towards Israel as Assad, if not more so, and that this whole Arab Spring thing is nothing but part of the Great Jihad against the infidel.
And who is smiling all the way to the bank? China and Russia of course. And so far, Iran, where things are going just dandy, despite the loss of friends and sanctions and all that,but lurking in the background is one almighty showdown. In addition Iran is now demanding gold instead of dollars for its oil. Lordy Lord. The pot it runneth over.
Summer vacation in Norway is becoming more than likely.

©Howard Gamble
29th February 2012

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