Boiled Potatoes

Here’s an absolutely useless piece of information for you. It came to me while I was boling potatoes for my dinner. Did you know that Heinrich Himmler, the ex-chicken farmer, then head of the almighty SS, decreed that no SS man could eat salted potatoes?¬† Not only that, but when they boiled potatoes, they had to be boiled in their jackets. The ss were ruled by dozens of like decrees and it seems the only thing they were allowed to do with gusto was kill Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, asocials, communists and Social Democrats.

I gleaned this information from the book by Heinz Linge, who had been Hitlers Valet for 10 years. So next time you are at a dinner party and wish to stun the table with your erudition and broad range of knowledge…………………………

©Howard Gamble
27th February 2012


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