To burn or not to burn II

Sorry chaps, but you simply don’t make the grade. Not in the year 2012.
First off the Koran is written in Arabic, a language that is not spoken in Afghanistan. Secondly all the verses that have been thumped into you have been in Arabic, so you have not the faintest idea what they mean. All you have is second-hand information given you by the local Mullah who too may have a scetchy understanding of what Mohammed was on about when he wrote the Koran. Its tricky stuff, I know because I read it in English translation and a lot of it is indecipherable.

So to put it mildly your running around screaming and shouting and shooting each other (which is the really weird part of it) because a copy or three of the Koran has been burnt on an American base, is a little far-fetched.

Remember the Fatwah against Rushdie that has now been withdrawn, for writing the Satanic Verses? When about 100 million of you wanted to kill him even though not one of you had read the book? I even doubt whether the Ayatollah Khomeini managed to get through all of it because it was pretty boring stuff. I know, I read it and if the Fatwah was all about shooting him for being boring I would have been right behind it.

Protesters in Afghan doing their thing

I am against book-burning, no doubt about that, but come on! You guys think nothing about blowing up Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogues, and even your own Mosques if they don’t belong to the right group, so what the F¤#%k are you all on about? I suppose Honour, even though you have no idea what that word means either.

©Howard Gamble
24th February 2012

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