Liverpool vs Cardiff at Wembley

Well the lads and I have booked our round table at the legendary Sofies Restaurant in Oslo on Sunday for the League Cup final at Wembley. Liverpool men and a woman all.

Its been such a long time since such an opportunity for the club, what with the 44 months of disastrous rule by two American cowboys still not completely erased from the system, that the nail-biting factor will be worse than before Istanbul at half time.

I can feel the tension now, a full two days away. And Cardiff are certainly no pushover. The pundits are all talking about a win for LIverpool being a catalyst for their new age, but I totally disagree. A place in that final and a run-out onto Wembleys hallowed turf is sufficient unto the day for the New Liverpool, that has regained her Dignity and Honour and returned to the true and tested traditions that have made her the mightiest club in the world bar none.

But of course we will be looking for a win and a clear one at that.
And if we lose, we can be sure that Kenny will praise the opposition as any true gentleman would. LIverpool is currently doing more than play football. They are restoring dignity to the game. Even Suarez has begun to understand that.


©Howard Gamble
24th February 2012

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