Goodbye Srebrenica, Hello Homs

Well now they are holding a summit in Tunis to try to stop the murder going on in Syria, but Russia and China are not attending, and Syria has already dubbed the summit, “A Colonialist Affair”. The Red Cross have also been ignored. Perhaps Madonna or Bruce Willis will be next in line, along with Obamas dog, because Assad is ignoring everyone and everything as he continues to murder his unruly citizens, to date an estimated 7.000 of them. He has stepped so far over that line that gets you a place in a Dungeon or makes you the main target for a firing squad, that the only thing left now to protect the innocent will be to do a Ghaddafi on him. But is that going to happen? Do you see NATO and the other Arabs getting into a huddle and coming up with a strike plan? I don’t.
The hypocricy of the West, the callousness of the Arabs, and the indifference of Russia and China is being acutely felt by the people of Homs and all chances have been lost to gain friends in unlikely places by means of strategic strikes.

Assad is certain to go down, and when he does, there will be egg on a thousand faces. What is unfolding on Europes doorstep and in the heartland of Araby is a complete disgrace, and to speak of Srebrenica becomes ridiculous. Homs has replaced it in terms of infamy.
©Howard Gamble
24th February 2012

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