The Koran – To Burn or Nor to Burn, that is the question

The thing with the Koran that is interesting is that all those Muslims that take up arms if one is burnt, is that they do not understand it neither have they read it. At best they have had it chanted to them in Arabic in some Madrass in Pakistan and they simply don’t have a clue. Its like John Cleese reading obscure texts from the Old Testament to a bunch of schoolboys in Hebrew.

Beautiful Koranic Penmanship. DEfinitely not for burning

I have two rather nicely bound examples of the Koran and would never dream of burning them, but understanding them in translation is another matter. Mohammed must either have been deeply inspired or had smoked a little too much hashish when he wrote the verses. Any of you out their bothered to secure and example and read it? No?. Then your’e as bad as they are. ITs like Salman Rushdie being condemned by millions for his Satanic Verses who none of them had read, because it was forbidden. O glorious insanity.

The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Definitely not for burning

I am a big BIble and Koran fan, and love the Holy scripts far more than those who have made them holy, but when it gets to the point that a collection of pages bound in a  book that nobody understands becoming an untouchable and holy icon, then I wonder whether or not I should burn my Koran. But if I do, I will make sure I have another copy in reserve for perusal on those nights when I seek obfuscusion.

The Apocalypse of St.John is another such script. He must have been smoking rather strong stuff in his cave on Patmos when he wrote it. Magnificent stuff of a seriously higher order. Were anything to burnt that would certainly be it.He and Muhammed had much in common.

An Invaluable Torah Scroll. The Arabs would love to burn it, and have, along with synagogues.

I have never heard of a Muslim burning a Bible, that would be quite beyond them.In fact I have never heard of a Muslim reading a Bible or the Koran because most of them can’t read.

I can envisage a Muslim Burning a Jewish Torah, and who would give a shit? Nobody.

What a weird world we live in.

©Howard Gamble
22nd February 2012

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