When is Civil War Civil War Mr. Putin?

Russias Foreign Minister has stated that further action against Syria by the UN could force the country into Civil War. Makes one wonder what makes those Russkiies tick. Syria is already in a state of Civil War, if he has not noticed, but he most likely thinks that suppressing uprising like in Chechnya, and using snipers against civilians including children does not constitute Civil War. Word has it that Iran in a moment of brotherly love has sent a unit of snipers to Syria to help out.

The victim of a headshot by sniper in Damascus

Assad and his murdering thugs have the upper hand only because they still have most of the hardware, but he has basically lost much of the population who would dearly like to see him drawn and quartered.
Has any other force stepped in with a bit of help from the air Assad would long ago have jonied Ghaddafi in his culvert and on his ice block.

Russia and China have a lot of loot to gain with Assad in power, but that invisible line which even they would not dare cross draws closer by the day.

©Howard Gamble
31st January 2011

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