White Trash and Black is Beautiful

OK, lets get one thing straight for starters. I adore coloured people and blacks. By that I mean those people who have been born with a hue vastly superior to that of pale sickly whites. I prefer them in all ways possible,. Their way of life, their choice of music, their laid-back style and I copuld go on and on. But one thing I really think they need to get over is this racial abuse shit. When a low IQ footballer who happens to be white calls them coloured or negroes, which they are, in order to annoy them, they should take it as a compliment and throw the inteneded abuse right back in his white face.

She will not shake a Black mans hand. Nor a Hispanic or a Jews for that matter

We are way beyond the years of the Ku KLux Clan and the pickin of cotton on southern farms. Way beyond. Its the whites who are having trouble right now. Ordinary whites, white trash, trailer trash, you name it, they are all in deep existential shit having no one to piss on except the dog.


His gut speaks for itself

The only place this seems not to apply is in the world of British Football. Nobody wants to shake handas anymore. Rio Ferdinand and John Terry, one white and one coloured, who have played dozens of games togeher for Eggland, showered together, travelled together, shot the shit with each other, are now at the point when they may not shake hands before a match. What an unbelieveable crock of shit.


Changing underwear but will not shake hands

Its become a parody and Rugger players are laughing their heads off.

Hugs and kisses but will not shake hands

If anything is racist, it is this insistence on keeping ones own race unblemished and flaring up like a volcano whenever reference is made to the fact.


©Howard Gamble
30th January 2011

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