Statesmen with their heads up their asses regarding Libya

I just love to say I told you so, and I did so long before NATO has finished its dirty work in LIbya supporting a gang of fanatics as bad if not worse than Ghaddafi.

Now Amnesty International is speaking of illegal prisons all over the country where the militias are holding prisoners for torture and murder, in good Nazi Brownshirt Style. They are not surrendering their weapons and the country is out of control. Did anyone really imagine that it would be otherwise? The international criminal court in the Hague ought also to get involved.

Cameron and Sarkozy looking Holier Than Thou, now with murder and torture on their consciences

I will stop there. Enough said, but I would like to ask David Cameron and Nikolas sarkozy if they has their heads up their asses when they were all gung ho for assisting in what has become an uncontrollable state with Sharia Law no less. A word or two from Hilary would also be welcome. Thank you.

©Howard Gamble
28th January 2011

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