Liverpool, Fergusen, Evra and the shadow of Suarez

Tomorrow is set to be one of those games at Anfield where the extraneous elements taking place off the pitch will certainly have their influence on the pitch. Especially if Fergusen fields Patrice Evra, the man who Suarez called a Negro and received an eight match suspension fo his trouble. Trouble runs deep amongst the fans when their favourite striker, of immense importance to the team is suspended because of the fickleness of an opponent who cannot take the ribbing endemic in football.

The source of contention

The managers are calling for friendly rival and not hatred, for peace and calm and all that, but one knows the English supporter better than that. As if the rivalry between the two clubs, the greatest in all of England was not enough.

The Playmaker

Fergusen would do well to leave Evra at home for the game, if he has any sense. Emotions are already at a pitch where the slightest provocation, real or unintended would be enough to cause nasty scenes. Fergusen is a wise manager, leaving contentious players out of games until the dust settles, so we shall have to see what he chooses this time round. The presence of Evra on the field will create unnatural and unneeded tensions that may well lead to even more and serious trouble. Lets hope not, when the two greatest clubs in all the world, meet each other for another game that the fans look forward to as the greatest games of the season.
©Howard Gamble
27th January 2011



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