Mario Balotelli feels he is being picked on, poor boy

Poor Mario Balotelli. The boy feels that everyone is picking on him and after a four match ban after stomping on a palyers head he feels its getting to be a bit much. Everytime he viciously brings down an opponent, or kicks one alreqady brought down and receives a red card he feels he is being picked on. He and his agent imagine that the sun shines so powerfully out of his arse that he ought, talented as he is, to be given a little leeway.

Balotelli being picked on for being naughty

He simply cannot stand having to be banned every third game or so for some violence committed on the pitch. So he is thinking of leaving the English Premiere League. As though we will miss the clown.
Manchester City have a clear problem – they are buying world -class players without checking their moral temperament. First we had the Tevez saga, and now Balotelli is following suit. Players can be as brilliant as they like, but if they do not play clean football and are imbued with respect for club and manager, they can go and join the huge teams on the continent or crawl back into the holes from which they originated. I for one,won’t miss them for a second.

©Howard Gamble
25th January 2011

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