Who is watching the watchers in Syria?

Question of the day. When an Arab delegation watches an Arab nation of the day do its murderous thing what exactly goes through the minds of the delegates.? Especially the Sudanese thugs who do this before breakfast.
Brotherhood? Like, yeah we have the same fucking problems at home and are whacking those little shits big time but they just keep coming, so what are we going to do?. The whole world is watching, news blackouts are no longer possible, so what do we do when everyone is on the Arab Spring bandwagon and the more we shoot the more just keep coming.

And when push comes to shove, who is in the firing line? Us.We. The Delegation. So maybe we should just go way out on the edge this time and tell Assad to head for the hills and tend his flocks of sheep in peace, because he has whacked so many people in the modern age that their is no way out of it. He has basically screwed it up and can theoretically end up on an ice block in a warehosue.

But will they. This fraternity of Jew haters? Will they? With the whole world watching. Hilary, Barack, Merkel, Sarkozy, Zuma, Stoltenberg, Little Dudley in Nrth Korea, Me.

©Howard Gamble
30th December 2011

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