The Arab League, the Horst Wessel Song, and sauerkraut

You know what? I am not all that confident in the 50 Arab League Observers and the conclusions they are going to draw. What got me going was a whole bunch of them very politely standing on the rim of a car bomb crater while the Governor of Homs (one of Assads henchmen) no doubt told them about all the evil gangs they have been fighting.

The ARab League delegation visiting a bomb site under the smiling suprvision of Assads henchman the governer of HOms.

What the delegation ought to be doing is talking to the people without any minders looking over their shoulders. Noting the words of the people, substantiating evidence of murder as far as possible, collating information as far as possible and ending up with a damning conclusion that would send Assad and his cronies running for their hideaways.

I fear it is not going to be so. Its going to be a load of blah-blah, that both sides need to be nice to each other and let bygones be bygones. That kind of crap. Hope not, but a long life reporting these things has turned me into the eternal pessimist.

Assad and his gang, need to be put against a wall and shot. Or hung from high towers in Damaskus and left for the carrion to pick at.

Murdering five thousand people requires draconian measures.The international court in the Hague is too good for them. I am of the Churchillian opinion – after the War his line was that every member of the SS and high ranking members of the party would be summarily tried and executed. But then Jackson and those Bloody Americans wanted legal process. The Poles and the Russians knew precisely how to deal with the SS in their captivity, a lesson that the West did not learn, and ended up with hundreds of thousands of bestial murderers strutting about amongst us and getting together every now and then to sing the Horst Wessel Song and stuff their faces with sauerkraut and pork sausage.
©Howard Gamble
29th December 2011

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