Assad drenched in Blood, releasing “those with no blood on their hands”

Who has blood where?

The Murderer Assad who has bathed himself in thre blood of his people is now, upon the arrival of the Arab League Observers, releasing prisoners “Who do not have blood on their hands”. The heights of cynicism have thus been reached. But perhaps we are here observing a unique Arab Mindset, where the ruler can chop off as many heads as he sees fit and the populace have to accpet his enlightened rule. LIke Europw about 800 years ago.

The head of the Delegation

The Arab Observers, all 50 of them, golly gee me, have been in Homs, the hotbed or resistance and say the situaton is reassuring. Of course its bloody reassuring you short-sighted bastards when just the day before the armour was pulled out of the area after massacreing people. It appears that you all have your head up your asses. And guess what is going to happen when you leave the area? I suppose we can just leave that as a rhetorical question.

And all this crap, to put it mildly, is going on instead of sending in teams of specialists to remove Assad and his murderous cohorts from power along with air-strikes to reduce his Praetorian Guard to rubble. Unless those 50 observers come up with a damning report of dimensions, they may as well go back to riding their camels midst the date palms, or is that now their limos on their highways.

©Howard Gamble
28th December 2011

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