The Armed Gangs of Syria

Well, Syria must have the largest assembly of armed gangs in the world. Its army has been fighting them for close on 8 months and they have still not managed to beat them. Moreover, the gangs appear to be unique inasmuch as most of them are unarmed and between the ages of 10 and 15, and that there happen to be about a million or two of them. In fact their are so many of them that all the ordinary, god-fearing, law-abiding, good citizens of Syria are all in Assad the Murderer’s armed forces fighting them.

Here are two norious hardened criminals from a Syrian Armed gang peering out of their heavily armed tank

The Observers from the Arab League are starting to arrive so we shall see what they have to say about all these armed gangs. Unless they can’t find any of them and are tossed out for being biased and working as spies for foreign powers like Israel and America, which would be something quite new in the annals of power politics. The Arab League in cohorts with Barack and HIlary. That would be fun.

©Howard Gamble
26th December 2011


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