The Duke of Edinburgh and I

Instead of writing about all the shit hitting thre fan all over this miserable planet, I think I will devote my attention to Prince Phillip, consort to the Queen of England, who is having his ticker attended to. The reason is that I once met him and we had a very jolly ten minutes together reminsiscing. Well I was heklping him to reminsisce because my father has been involved in the invasion of Sicily and was he, and as I was was wearing medals and school ties and all, he entirely ignored a member of the Group Aha and the Mayor of Bergen, plus some author who constituted the foursomesome who were to entertain him for a short while. I was most please that he broke all protocal when he recognized that I had been to a decent school, spoke his dialect and that my father and he were actually comrades in arms.

Prince PHillip at the time he and my father were comrades-in arms

A short while after he he passed on to talk rubbish with others I was discreetly taken aside by an aid and asked to follow him to a private room where the Duke wished to continue our little tete-a tete. I obliged and after a while along he came and we chatted away merrily about war and stuff and he was delighted that both my father and I had done our bit “to delay the advance of the heathen”. Fortunately no one was present to hear the comment, as everyone was focused on the Queen who was causing a furore demanding that the upper floor of the art gallery where all this was taking place be closed, as it contained what she considered degenerate art – pornography was the term she used. The Curator politely declined by which time the Duke had invited me to the State dinner. This caused enormous logistical problems, but I was ensconced at a table near his and he often raised his glass to me during the course of the evening.

As the most polically incorrect member of the Britsh Empire,  am extremely fond of him and I wish him well and hope that he recovers to piss off a lot more people.

©Howard Gamble
24th December 2011

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