Nike Sneakers stop the American Revolution

Now whereas Americans should be on the streets fomenting revolution, what are they doing instead? Rioting. And what are they rioting for? Sneakers. The lastest model from Nike. Little do the know and if they do know little do they care that Nike sneakers are not an American product. They are the product of Chinese sweatshops. The nation is being undermined and they could not give a damn as long as they look good. Man, I have seen sneakers that will take your breath away. They look like christmas trees in heavy duty format. They are the SUV’s of the feet and everyone wants them.

When I lived in Denver they were frowned upon in my club where all the rich little snots wore patent leather, but the minute you stepped out into mainstream America your senses where attacked by sneakers. To go with the jeans and the t-shirts that bore a message. “Got democracy?” “Obama is a Jew” and so on and so forth.

THis is stopping the Revolution in America

I think we are going to have to wait for that really big revolution in America where the 1%’s take over the show. When the sneaker is the most important part of the consciousness, the revolution will have to wait.
©Howard Gamble
24th December 2011

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