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Now it would not surprise me for a second if the fifth day of unrest in Cairo is being instigated by the Muslim Brotherhood, in an attempt to get the army to over-react. Sending their version of the Sturmabteilung onto the streets to cause havok. But the Army is not playing ball, what with the second round of voting producing a 67% turnout and the general population, including the 10% Christians not at all pleased with the prospect of the Army becoming yet another Republican Guard intent on killing Jews, invading Israel, and starting an Egyptian Jihad.

The MUslim Brotherhoods Crusader MOtif

And once again we have Hilary Methodist Clinton passing Judgement on everything when her own back yard is one almighty mess. If she were not protected by about twentry layers of security and mingled for once with the people, she may just utter a few words that make sense. Pity that Obama is so pressed into a corner that he is letting her flab away as she pleases. Bill must be fery depressed by it all. That massive intellect having to support the utterings of an idiot wife because of his hanky-panky in the Oval Office so long ago. But thus is America anno 2011, confused, beaten at war, out of cash and having to kow-tow to China. Humiliating stuff, especially as they have the force to do as they please, but they simply do not know how to apply it. It’s either everything at once or nothing. America is like an eight year old with a stinger missile.

Hilary and Bill in the Pre-Monika Phase

Anyway this all started with the Muslim Brotherhood. Reminds me of the Crusaders. Sword in one hand, Koran in the other, the Camel taking a crap in the desert. They want to re-take Jerusalem, but they can dream on. Technologically somewhat retarded. Foreign companies pumping their oil, all their military hardware with cut-off switches that they know nothing about.

HIlary in the Post-Monica Phase

Well here I am meandering again. One thing I do know though, is that the Arab hatred for the Jew is alive and well and thriving, in fact worse than its ever been, and all the pinko-liberals in Europe are disguising their anti-semitism as concern for the poor homeless Palestinians.They should take a trip to Amman and gaze out over the biggest Palestinian camp in the world. Even though most of them belong in Jordan the KIng wants nothing to do with them. In fact all the Arab nations want nothing to do with them besides use them in their war against the Infidel Jew. They could not give a shit for the Palestinians and will certainly not allow them out of their Ghettos in Amman and elsewhere.
O I could ramble on and on forever. History is timeless.
Have not heard a word about the court-case against Mubarak. Have you?

©Howard Gamble
20th December 2011

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