Mass Murderer declared insane

Newsflash – Norwegian Bomber and mass murderer Breivik has been declared insane. A Panel of psychiatrists have classified him as a paranoid schzisophrenic. Breivik himself was disappointed at the ruling. He thinks not. Hew thinks what he did was well-considered.

Mass MUrderer Breivik declared insane

More or less the same thing happened at the end of the WWII when Knut Hamsun, the Nobel Laureate and greatest of all Norwegian me of letters was declared insane for having supported the Nazi’s. As was Ezra Pound, the father of modern English who broadcast propaganda for Mussolini. That shut them up effectively.

The Great Poet Pound in Prison, declared insane

What Breivik, Hamsun and Pound have in common is having been so out of the norm in their respective weltannscahaaungs, that the easiest and best way to deal with the likes of them is to declare them insane.

The Great Norwegian man of letters Hmasun, greeting Hitler, declared insane after the war

Then one need not take a closer look at their ideas and motives and chains of thought and discover disturbing parallells in society in general. Declaring someone insane is a wonderful means of discrediting everything they stand for and conveniently sweeping it under the carpet. Norwegians are past masters at that. Remember Quisling?

©Howard Gamble
1st December 2011

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