Yet another Embassy for Assad’s goons to attack

Well Turkey have no also imposed sanctions on Syria, so I suppose their embassy will also be attacked. Assads goons have quite a job in hand with so many embassies to attack, but I am sure they will work it out somehow.

Up until now, to put it into perspective, Assad has killed twice as many of his own people than the number of American casualties in 10 years of war in Afghanistan.

Assads Bane

What is needed now is for all the Embassies to recall their staffs leaving China and Russia as the only foreigners in town, and then send in the B-2 bombers to take out the Praetorian Guard along with the military infrastructure. Like they did in Libya.Some nice, clinical precision smart bombing, as a practice run before the same is done to Iran. That will leave HIzbollah with their heads up their arses and the very distant possibility for real peace in the Middle East, even though I doubt it. The Arabs feed their children with hatred for the jew with a program the would have been Hitler’s envy.

©Howard Gamble
30th November 2011

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