King Kenny Strikes Again

Liverpool cruised into the semi-finals of the Carling Cup after and impressive back-to-back win at the Bridge against an increasingly desperate Chelsea. KIng Kenny Dalglish has now won thirteen times in a row against Chelsea in the course of his career and Liverpool have not been beaten in the last 11 games. Is there more to say about a Renaissance that was expected to take a few years but has happened almost from the minute Dalgleish was appointed manager after the disastrous reign of his predecessor Hodgeson? And as an extra delight for all Liverpool fans was the traitor Torres, who deserted them for Chelsea, totally ineffective and neutralised by his former team mates. His only consolation at present must be his bulging bank account.

King Kenny, cooler than the fonz

As for Villa-Boas, the young new Chelsea manager, with the team in disarray, his career at the club hangs on a thin thread. Only a victory against Valencia in the upcoming crucial Champions League game can save him, despite all the noises being made about support from Abromovitch. The Russian may forgive poor performances in the League up to a point, but he will not tolerate defeat in the Champions League, a trophy he covets more than any other, and which all his money has been unable to buy. Villa-Boas resembles Hodgeson inasmuch as he inherited a team in need of major repair, but that excuse only lasts until the next defeat.

©Howard Gamble
30th November 2011

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