Mr. Huang rejected by Iceland

The Chinese invester mr Huang who wanted to buy a huge slice of Iceland turning it into a golf course and nature reserve, while he waited for climate change to turn it into something else, is seriously pissed off by the Icelandic rejection nof his bid. He told the Global times newspaper:

“The rejection sent a message to Chinese investors that you are welcome to emigrate (if you are rich), or to buy properties and luxury goods, but if you want to engage in anything related with natural resources, you’re not welcome here.” Natural resources Mr. Huang, belong to countries, not corporations. Go buy yourself a huge chnk of China instead. Oops, not allowed, damn commie bastards.

Never in the history of stupidity has anyone revealed his true motives immediately after his original bid was rejected. He went from a gold course and nature reserve to natural resources in the bat of an eye, the dumb geek.

Precisely mr Huang. Precisely.You are not welcome here. I could hardly have put it better myself. My suggestion? Buy a Premiere League soccer team. Leeds United. That will give you access to what the West thinks about China.

©Howard Gamble
28th November 2011

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