Iranians (yawn) Attack the Brit Embassy in Teheran

Iranian students have broken into the British Embassy, burnt the flag, smashed a bit of furniture and played around with a framed photograph of the Queen. No hostages taken though, so not quite the same scenario as way back when Jimmy was pres and made a cock-up of the rescue operation. Ron became Pres after him and the Iranians released the hostages. Remember that?

Iranian students attacking the British Embassy

Well this time it was not the fervour of a new Priest run state wishing to humiliate the Americans but yet another semi-violent demonstation by the Iranians that boycotts are not appreciated and their way of showing the finger to the Brits. They chose the British Embassy because if they tried their luck with the Americans things would not have gone as easily. They would have gotten their Persian butts kicked.

In the meanwhile they have denied supplying the rockets to Hitzbollah which have just been fired into Israel while stating that their nuclear program is peaceful.

They are of course lying through their teeth and as with all fools, they imagine everyone is a fool, and therein lies their folly.

So we can call this yet another delaying tactic, another little diversionary skirmish to deflect focus away from their attempt to make nuclear weapons with which to annihilate Israel and cow their neigbours. Fortunately Mossad is the best intelligence agency in the world and immune to smokescreens or infatile attempts at diversion.They nwill know when to advize Bibi to strike, at which point I will break out the champagne.

©Howard Gamble
30th November 2011

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