Iceland, Volcanoes, Pliny the Elder and The New Ice Age

For all of you out there who laugh in scorn at doomsday scenarios and dismiss apocalyptic predictions out of hands, here’s one from you that I picked up from a taxi driver on my way back from a chemist. A garrulous, jovial chap up to his ears in the latest news, and even he was worried.

the New View from San Diego

The two big Volcanoes on Iceland, Hekla, and Katla, are restless and starting to rumble and when it comes to restless volcanoes, ever since the time of Pliny the Elder, its time to worry or make one’s peace with the neighbour.When Eyafjellajøkul did its little thing two two years ago the air traffic got really bad, but eyafjellajøkull is still in the cradle as far a Volcanoes go. Its little fart was nothing. Hekla and Katla are Big Daddy and Fat Mama and if they blow their tops the shit will hit the fan big, big time as my Pakistani guard in Islamabad often liked telling me. Worst case scenario – a New Ice-Age and massive migrations to the equatorial regions.

Vesuvius and Pliny the Elder

Well it will be more like a new Colonial period as well, getting those blood diamonds under control and sending the child soldiers to school, so it has its distinct advantages.

If you don’t believe me and my taxi driver, start surfing the news and get your arctic gear out of mothballs just in case. O yes, and remember, you first heard it from Howard!

©Howard Gamble
29th November 2011

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