Sir Alex Fergusen thinks he’s God

Sir Alex Fergusen, the cud-chewing football manager of Manchester United, after all the acclaim and praise and superlatives that he has been showered with of late, now thinks that he is God. After all, he’s got a stand at Old Trafford named after him. His arrogance before the 25 year jubilee was bad, but now he is simply insufferable. He cuts short conferences, refuses to speak to ceretain journalists and now he has actually told the British Olympic Committee not to chose any of his young players for the Olympics, thus placing a mere football club higher than the Olympic Games.

Is this what tipped the scales in favour of Godlike Status?

As though any young athlete out to prove himself would not dream of participating for his country in the Olympic Games simply because he has yet to prove himself in Manchestyer Bloody United. God needs them for other competitions.Fergusen, screw his title, is the perfect example of a person in a high position who has done incredibly well who lacks the one essential element that makes for true greatness – humility.
His young players, along with the Olympic Committee should, with politeness and firmness tell him to piss off. Now if he can take that without firing them, he may yet prove to be a man and not a douchbag.

©Howard Gamble
28th November 2011

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