Obama as Default

The more I read about Rick Perry, the current front runner for the Republican Party in the Great Campaign to undear Barack Omaba, the more I think that Obama, far from being a lame-duck President, is going to win a second term.

Obama himself stated that anyone could have beaten Bush and he ran one hell of a campaign to succeed, only to fail as a President because he is really in his heart and soul a European masquerading as an American. He is a socialist in the sense that he actually cares about people without prospects, and if there is one thng Americans cannot abide it is a Socialist, mainly because they have not the faintest idea what a socialist is. The were just getting used to the term Communist when that Empire collapsed and suddenly had to deal with Communisms far more intelligent and wise little brother Socialism, but instead of taking the trouble to discern the difference they simply transeferred the loathing they felt for the one over to the other. Much easier. Well, Obama happens to be one of them, as they have discovered to their horror.

Perry totin his sidearm, wishing he had two

So according to the law of opposites, Rick Perry appears on the horison. A gun-toting, Law-and-Order, Horseriding Machoman who despises big government and their social programs. He even thinks too much intelligence is a dangerous thing.

Now as the campaigns proceed and given that he is still the front runner, he comes up against Obama in debate, believe you me, Obama may well be wrong for America because he is so far in advance of America, but he sure as hell can talk and debate on a lower level and will tear Rick Perry and his simplicities to shreds.

The future will be meeting the past in the present and methjinks the future will overcome. Obama will get his second term on the same terms as he got his first – with no real alternative to him.

This is advanced wishful thinking because one must never underestimate the collective stupidity of the Americans, but there ARE times when the full potential of that mighty nation breaks through and shines with a bright light, if only momentarily. More the pity that is not reflected in the leadership of the country.

©Howard Gamble
31st October 2011


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