Flames of Incandescent Terror, the one discharge from sin and error

Now imagine this. That America, in one huge moment of prescience and revelation, understands that in Afghnaistan they are fighting an enemy that not only thrives on warfare but has it as its highest ideal. And that this enemy, not matter what the losses, is highly flexible and courageous to the point of suicide.The children of this enemy cannot wait to get to the age when they can join the men in this magnificent thing called WAR. And they will fight forever.

THis Afghan posing with his hardware LOVES perpetual war and so do his sons

That is the reality in Afghanistan and if the American leaders understand that, they will be faced with fairly easy choices. Firstly, to get the hell out as quickly as possible and write off the entire mess as the one that we did not manage. The other, which every true warrior would love, is for them to decide to do the Israel thing. To fight forever as well. To train young generations of Americans, as the British did, for positions in the armed forces, where they would serve abroad, flying the flag of Empire, often for their entire careers. Now if that momentous decision were made in America, to fight that war for the next century if needs be, it would give the Afghnas pause for thought. The prospects will improve considerably and America will be a Nation at arms, like the Romans, fighting on all her far-flung borders, forever.

This American sniper too loves war, but only for limited periods of time

Then America will win.

But as long as they hold dear the humanitarian values of freedom for all, equality unto the law and all that jazz, they have lost, and the loss, counted in prestige and not body bags will be vastly worse than Vietnam, because the enemy will perceive that the Americans have a staying power of about 10 years before they give up and go home. A mere few seconds in the mighty cosmic perspective of things.

An Afghan boy dreaming of the day he can fight thre Americans and breed sons to do the same

I seriously doubt that any American running for Presidential Office has even contemplated these thoughts, and will certainly not put them forth as serious alternatives for the electorate to decide upon.

But they will continue to wage hodge-podge war, for the days where one actually united and went and won a conflict, lastly against the Third Reich, have gone forever. See here.

©Howard Gamble
31st October 2011

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