Quingdoms from now on

Hear ye, hear ye, from this day henchforth little royal girls and little royal boys will have equal rights to the throne of England. So If a girl is born before a boy to the heir apparent the boy can kiss the throne goodbye.The girl gets it.

All Queens in the making

This piece of shattering world news with ramifications and implications beyond the ken of mortal men has just reached us and is shaking the servants at Buckingham Palace to their very core.They are talking about nothing else. Buckingham Palace will never be the same again. Theoretically the days of English Kings may be soon be over. The current Monarch has been around for so long that one can hardly remember a time when a King was on the throne so it may be easier for the subjects of the realm to swallow.

A Potential Queen?

Prince Phillip said that he at least would not be around to see such a dreadful thing whereas Charles nodded his sad agreement as he reached for the tumbler of 500 year old Scotch, wondering when his mom would kick the bucket or resign to give him at least a year or two to enjoy as King before he too croaked. He would simply love to officiate with his Charterhouse drawl, with his queen-bee in attendance.
Discusssions are underway to find a different name for Kingdoms. Queendoms does not quite work. Quingdoms has been suggested

©Howard Gamble
28th October 2011

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