Que? I Know Nothing! Nothing!

Well the government in Pakistan has denied everything, very much like Manuel in Fawlty Towers, they know nothing about assisting the Taliban in the war on the Americans, while on the very same day, in a very rare case, so rare in fact that it is the very time ever, the Taliban in Afghanistan have issue a condolence statement for the recently demised Maulana Abdul Ghani, the head of the JUI-F party that was recently part of the coalition and has very close ties with the Pakistan military.

A Taliban Fighter at the funeral of Maulana Abdul Ghani

His funeral was attened by a host of top Taliban leaders and even more foot soldiers and he was hailed as a great martyr in the Jihad against the indifel.

I shall say no more. Just read it once or twice and let the pieces fall into place. Sounded like the perfect occasion for a drone strike but that may just have tipped the already unsteady scales in Pakistan-American diplomacy.

O by the way, Hillary Clinton is said that Al Quaida are devastated. She failed to mention what it is that is causing the devastation, but then she does have the nasty habit of putting her foot into it.

©Howard Gamble
28th October 2011

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