The Importance of Fibre and Potassium in School Lunches

The US Senate seems determined to block every Obama initiative coming their way.

This time it has blocked a proposal by the Obama administration to mreduce the amount of potatoes in school lunches. By potatoes I am all sure you know that what is meant is oil-dripping french fries, fast food at its fatty best.

Surely an honorable proposal designed to reduce obesity in children whose basic diet consists almost entirely of fast food in the first place has been quashed by America’s enlightened rulers.

American schoolchildren absorbing their important sources of fibre and potassium

But no, opponents of the bill said that all that crap the kids stuff into their faces is an important source of fibre and potassium, not to mention a cheaper way to feed children now that schools don’t have that much cash to splash about on healthy food.

So now the onus will be on those making buses and airlines seats to increase the sizes to accomodate an increasingly obese population.

It seems that in the States, Fat is beautiful. Or perhaps the real sinster reason for wanting to keep children fat and unhealthy is because as long as they are addicted to fast foods they will have less time thinking about starting a revolution.

©Howard Gamble
20th October 2011

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