Used Car Salesman from Texas Charged with the Saudi Ambassador PLot

A Used car saleman in Texas has been charged with the attempted murder of the Saudi Arabian Amabassador to the United States. He was up to all sorts of nasty business together with the Iranian Revolutionary GUard, when not selling cars, but made his BIG mistake when approaching an FBI undercover agent posing as a Mexican drug lord to carry out the whack.

Now would you buy a car from this used-car salesman from Texas?

This all sounds very fishy and I have a funny feeling that all of the story has not been told, because Hilary is Imposing sanctions on an Iranian airline that flew members of the Revolutionary Guard across the Middle East.They apparently were a hit squad, but if so, why the used car saleman? In the murkey world of spies one just never knows, does one? They can spin any story they like because its all classified and if you start digging you get whacked as well.

As Far as I know, Rick Perry has had no dealings with the saleman, but one never knows, now does one?

I suppose King Abdullah, not to mention the Ambassador, are very pleased and relieved and that the price of gasoline is going to go down in the States soon.

So I’m going to continue avoiding buying cars from used-car salemen from Texas and try to fly around the Middle East and not over it next time I go there. Try and sneak in the back door via Turkey, but that too will be highly suspicious.
©Howard Gamble
13th October 2011

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